Mini Monies

   Let's get it out in the open.  Covid Sucks.  It's affected our lives in ways that we never thought possible. We've been constrained and forced to cancel and reschedule plans time and time again.  But it has also shown us how important our close friends and family are to us in our lives.  How even though we can't go out in giant groups - we can still smile and dance with those that mean the most to us.

   Micro Weddings are an amazing way to celebrate with those who are incredibly important in our lives. The moments and emotions are stress free which allow couples to truly be present during their event.

   Let myself and my assistant document the day and capture these moments with you and your closest.  Scheduling how the shoot works is 100% up to you with how much time is spent documenting vs how much is spent with family photos / and one on one with myself.   Let's chat and discuss your Big mini-day!