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(please rsvp by 10/08/2020)

Events in a time of covid:

Dear Friends and Family,

With the uncertainty of everything going on we've decided to put a little info before your RSVP.  First and foremost we're trying to get a head count.  Due to the ongoing changes to rules surrounding private events we still are unable to guarantee that this day will 100% happen.  There is also a chance that we may have to scale it significantly back to just a core group of friends and family - because of this, we ask that you please provide us with your email and contact information in case we have to make the final decision to postpone or scale back our wedding celebration.

First and foremost we want to preserve the health and safety of all of our guests.   Because of this we ask all guests to think of themselves and others in the week or two prior to the event.  Please do not take any unnecessary risks as we will have elderly and high risk family attending the event.  If prior to the event you experience any cold like symptoms we understand if you have to refrain from attending.  We will also have a simple live stream of the ceremony set up for anyone who wishes to watch from a distance. 

The format of the wedding itself will be slightly different than what's standard due to our wish to have people be as comfortable as possible the day of.   Therefore we will be having a cocktail hour prior to the ceremony where guests can be as socially distanced as they wish.  There will also be wristbands to show comfort level of interaction which you can wear to keep any uncertainty to a minimum.  

After cocktail hour we will be having the ceremony where there will be two sections of seating, one more distanced and one closer together.  Those wishing to be more socially distant can still be a part of the wedding without having to worry about sitting on top of one another.  If you wish to stay the rest of the night we'll be more than happy to celebrate with you! If you wish to head out after the ceremony we 100% understand and thank you for making the time to celebrate our wedding together. 

Please select from the RSVP options below.  We understand due to the current situation precautions need to be taken and we will by no way be upset by anyone choosing to send their love only.  Please RSVP ASAP so we can try and finalize the planning and fun while taking everyone into consideration.  Make sure any reservations you make for travel and stay are refundable as we are not in total control of what may happen in the future but are trying our best to plan and stay positive.

Sending our love!
Sheri + Drew

The Wedding of
Sheri and Drew

3:15pm: Inn at Fernbrook Farms



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