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Recommended Professionals

All professionals are recommended due to their commitment to the client, not for referral fees or "kickbacks" .   When I recommend someone I recommend them for the right reason - they are passionate, responsive, and dedicated to making your even the best possible. 


Cord 3 Films

If you're looking for Video - Cord3 has incredible options to capture your wedding.


Twisted Willow

Limitless Creativity in the floral field.  Twisted Willow is 10/10.


Unforgettable DJs

Keep your party rocking all night!


Ocean Avenue Stompers

Get your jive on with this swinging Brass Band


Make Me Glam

Tina knows her stuff and does an incredible job with making sure all is done right and on time.


Sonja Degoria Events

Perfecting the vision of clients with a true hands on approach.


Jess Press

Hand Lettering - Invitations - Stationary - you name it! 


Mike Simons

Awesome video with multiple tiers to choose what's best for your wedding day.


Unique Musique

If you wan't people sore from dancing all night long - give Larry a shout. High energy for the whole night!

rock-icon-8530 (1).jpg

Frank Simmons Band

When a big band is what you want - Frank Simmons band is who you want.


Marissa Molnar

Cleanest styling I've ever had the privelage to photograph.  Marissa will not let you down.


Smiling Through Chaos

If long term or even short term planning is what you're looking for - look no further.


Pizza Wagon

After hours pizza truck anyone?  incredible snack for the outbound guests!


Delia Studios

Jose is a blast to work with and puts his focus to capturing your day perfectly. 


SCE Events

With multiple talents, pick who suits you best.  They'll get everyone up on the dance floor.

rock-icon-8530 (1).jpg

Ever After Band

Another incredible talent in the live music field!


CK Sparks

Colleen is one of the best in the industry with great advice on skin prep leading up to your event. 


Jenny Orsini Events

Creating luxury and lavish events is her forte'.  Jenny will give it to you straight and get it done.


Jeffrey Scott

Custom Suits and threads - incredible options and craftsmanship

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